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The website of the private server: AquaMS
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 Server List

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Server List Empty
PostSubject: Server List   Server List Icon_minitimeWed Apr 09, 2008 3:49 pm

Here's the server list

ID - pass (CaSe SeNsItIvE)

AquaMS - aquams
AquaMS2 - aquams
AquaMS3 - aquams
AquaMS4 - aquams
AquaMS5 - aquams
AquaMS6 - aquams
AquaMS7 - aquams
AquaMS8 - aquams
AquaMS9 - aquams
AquaMS10 - aquams
AquaMS11 - aquams
AquaMS12 - aquams
AquaMS13 - aquams
AquaMS14 - aquams
AquaMS15 - aquams
AquaMS16 - aquams
AquaMS17 - aquams
AquaMS18 - aquams
AquaMS19 - aquams
AquaMS20 - aquams

Don't worry, every server connect to all the same worldserver that mean that if your friends are on another server it don't matter you will be able to see him.
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Server List
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